How to make more event sales in the Festive Season – 10 Tips to Boost Function Sales

Festive Season Sales

You can make LOTS more function sales during the busy Xmas Festive Season by following these 10 top tips and preparing in advance 1: Plan Ahead for the Festive Season Planning ahead for your busy festive season really helps,  here are some things you can do to prepare early: Use a Wall Calendar Plan Diary
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Best Events Management Software for Function Venues In Australia

Choosing the RIGHT Event Management Software and Venue Management Technology is critical for your Venue. At our recent Eldred Functions & Events Sales Training Workshop, attendees compared their different CRM & Venue software. This software can be used for marketing, selling and running their Functions & Events. Your Function Sales Team can use a variety
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How to Sell more Addons & Extras for Functions, Events & Weddings

Event Extras

Selling more Options for Functions & Events You can increase the VALUE and average spend for any Event or Function by offering more Extras and Addons. This will generally make for a much better event and your Venue will benefit from more word of mouth recommendations & repeat business.  Here are some effective tips for
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10 Simple Event Sales Tips For Any Venue Function Salesperson

Sales Tips for Success

Your attitude and skills determine your success as a Function Sales Coordinator. Here are 10 simple tips that can help you land more sales, on the phone and in person. 1: Don’t Be a Premature Price Presenter How often do you get a call asking a simple price question? If someone calls up with a
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Make More Profit in Your Hospitality Business: Focus On Your Numbers

Hospitality Profit

How do your Grow Profits in Your Hospitality Business? The answer is found by looking at your financials! But many staff and operators are ALLERGIC to numbers, finances and spreadsheets. How is your relationship with numbers? Do you find your business’ financial statements a source of fun or frustration? Some business owners get totally overwhelmed by
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11 Top Tips for Waiters to Make Guests Happier and Get More Tips

Champagne Toast

HOW YOU CAN MAKE YOUR CUSTOMERS HAPPIER & GET MORE TIPS Tipping is huge business overseas, but not so big in Australia. You can however make good money and be rewarded for providing great customer service by working out how you can impress your guests and get more tips. Great service and Great Tips go
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Sell more Functions and Events: 20 Simple, Easy Ways

venue function sales tips, event management training

How to Grow Your Function and Event Sales – the Easy Way! Here are some simple things you can do to grow your function and events revenue. This blog will help venue owners, event managers and function sales professionals. 1. IMPROVE YOUR EMAIL SIGNATURES ON YOUR OUTGOING EMAIL Tell everyone about the different functions you
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How to Increase Your Function, Event and Wedding Sales – 10 BEST Ways

Increase function sales and venue bookings

10 BEST Ways to Increase SALES for Functions, Events and Wedding Venues Want to boost function sales? Need more weddings or events now? Here are the 10 Best Ways to increase Function Sales for Venues – get more leads, convert more enquiries and get more repeat clients & referrals 3 BEST WAYS TO GET MORE NEW
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How to buy better and cut costs – 11 Phrases to get a better deal

negotiation techniques

Buy Better – How to Get a Better Deal! Many years ago, my mum went on a negotiation techniques training course and acquired just one new habit – asking for a discount every time in every place! Since then she has saved thousands of dollars by just asking the simple question; “Is that your best
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