Sales Team Training – Make More Sales All Year Round with Seasonal Sales Techniques

  • Do you have unwanted quiet times in your calendar?
  • Does your business suffer from empty rooms, beds or facilities?
  • Do you have to HEAVILY DISCOUNT your prices to make a sale?

Many seasonal businesses, like tourism and hospitality and other service businesses, struggle with quieter times in their calendars. It can be difficult for a business to survive the slow season and to see all their assets underutilised.

In order to stay afloat, most businesses resort to dumping their prices. Many entrepreneurs have come to see this as an inevitable consequence of running a seasonal business. Making profits in the busy times and losing money during the quiet times.

Learn How to Achieve High Sales All Year Long with Sales Team Training

Do you want to sell more during quiet times? How would you like go from barely surviving slow seasons to thriving all year round? We will show you how to flourish during quiet times without relying heavily on discounting.

This special world-class program is specifically designed to rapidly increase sales and profits for businesses that sell time or space. You will learn how fill up quiet times in your calendar, sell your slow moving products and shift unpopular and distressed stock with targeted sales team training.

The Secrets Of Seasonal Selling or “Off Peak Selling”

David is the world’s leading authority on seasonal selling and off-peak selling. Using his unique and proprietary selling techniques, he successfully transformed his struggling function venue into a multi-million dollar business that thrived all year round. In this training course, David and Kevin can show you how you can sell all year round – no matter what time of the year

Who Should Attend?

This sales team training workshop is a must for anyone in the following industries – selling time & space to improve occupancy and utilisation:

  • Accommodation
  • Transport/tour operators
  • Venues and Tourism
  • Hospitality industry – Cafes, Restaurants
  • Attractions
  • Rentals and Self Storage
  • Service providers
  • Professional Services

Interested sales team training that focuses on how to sell during quiet times? Enquire now or talk to David directly on 0408 375 100 or email for a free consultation, where we can explore what will work best for you and your business.