Purchasing Strategies, Negotiating and Cost Reduction Workshop



purchasing strategies

Do you want to

  • increase your profits by saving money, cutting costs and control expenses?
  • get better results from your internal business negotiations and deals?
  • get better outcomes when negotiating with your suppliers and staff?
  • Feel more confident and in control during high-stakes conversations?

This two day highly interactive and practical workshop is designed for ANYBODY doing buying or purchasing for a Hospitality Business. Every dollar saved on costs and expenses is a dollar extra PROFIT for you. We will cover the big purchases like rent, services and venue fitouts to smaller & one-off purchases and strategies for handling F&B supplier negotiations.

Find out how to negotiate better deals and where to get better terms and prices on most of your purchases. With practical examples and fun interactive games it’s time to stop being ripped off and learn how to ASK for a better deal or discount. You’ll even feel more confident and comfortable doing it!

This two day highly interactive and practical workshop is designed exclusively For Hospitality Managers, Supervisors, Chefs, Food & Wine Buyers, Purchasing and Finance Officers


  • Understand critical financial drivers of your hospitality business – How to grow profitability
  • Discover how buying better and cost control can significantly impact the bottom line
  • Find out how to save money on large purchases, buying services, purchasing commodities & products that vary in quality
  • Save money and avoid problems when purchasing equipment, fitouts and building contracts
  • Negotiate better deals with Supplier Reps when buying Wine, Meat and Beer
  • Save money instantly just by asking for a better deal on your 10 most negotiable suppliers
  • Learn and share your buying best practices and purchasing tips for hospitality businesses
  • Stop thinking only about price and think about other negotiable possibilities


  • How to start a negotiating conversation with suppliers
  • The best questions to ask during negotiations
  • How to be more confident and assertive – Learning to say NO nicely
  • Find out how to handle powerplayers in any high stakes negotiation
  • How to using a simple 7 step system for better negotiations
  • How to recognise and use common negotiating tactics & techniques (& Traps to avoid)
  • How to negotiating better Site fees, Rent and Occupancy Costs
  • How to negotiate with suppliers that have exclusive products and arrangements
  • Top Techniques and Tips for Haggling and Bartering
  • Negotiating tips for staff performance and wage reviews
  • Easy sales & operational tips to increase food & beverage margins
  • Advanced dealmaking techniques for buying & selling a business
  • How to calculate the real cost benefits of any deal – discounts, spoilage, wastage, etc

You can’t learn to negotiate from a BOOK – you need to PRACTICE – this “hands-on”workshop includes:

  • Fun negotiating games
  • Dealmaking exercises
  • Negotiation scenarios and roleplays

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