Recruiting The Best Events Person For Your Venue Team

How To Recruit The Right Person for Your Function, Event & Wedding Venue

  • Need To Recruit A New Team Member For Your Functions & Events Team?
  • Want Someone Who Will Sell More Events Or Do More Event Coordination?
  • Do You Want A Person Who Can Really Grow The Function & Event Sales?

Recruiting The Right Person For Your Event Team is CRITICAL. I have recruited and trained hundreds of Function Sales & Event Co-ordinators. Some of them were able to sell THREE times better than others which resulted in significant increases in function, event & wedding sales.

Read the BLOG – The 6 Key Roles in a Function Event Venue Team for ideas on Building Your Venue team

So Who Is That Perfect Person To Sell Or Co-Ordinate Your Events?


You Need To Clearly Define The Role When You Advertise Online And On Your Website In Order to Attract Perfect Candidates.

Commonly used Names When Recruiting For The Event Sales & Co-Ordinator Role Include

Venues Use a Range Of Different Names for Team Members in the Events Department – Make sure you pick the right one when recruiting for the role.

  • Event Coordinator
  • Function Coordinator
  • Wedding Coordinator
  • Wedding Planners
  • Function Sales
  • Event Sales
  • Event Sales Coordinator
  • Function Sales Coordinator
  • Function & Event Sales Coordinator
  • Corporate Event Coordinator
  • Conference & Events Coordinator
  • Group Events
  • Conference Coordinator
  • Exhibition Coordinator
  • Exhibition Planner
  • Event Sales Coordinator
  • Function Coordinator
  • In-House Meetings Coordinator
  • Meetings Coordinator
  • Staging Coordinator
  • Venue Coordinator.
  • Manager Roles (See Below)

Do You Want to Recruit a MANAGER a Co-ordinator or something else?

A Manager implies managing or supervising other people and hence pays a higher salary.

A Sales or Coordinator Role is working with others But NOT in charge of them pays a lower salary.

Common Events Manager titles include

  • Functions Manager
  • Event Manager
  • Functions & Events Manager
  • Meeting Manager
  • Conference Manager
  • Wedding Manager

A Managers Role Can Be Expected To Include More

  • Leadership And Teambuilding
  • Team Motivation And Outcome Focus
  • Mentoring & Coaching Team Members
  • Recruitment, Induction, Training Of Team Members
  • Strategy And Planning
  • Advanced Sales Skills, Dealmaking And Negotiation
  • Reporting On Sales Stats Results And Financials
  • Liaising With Owner, Venue Managers Or Chef

What Sort Of Events Person Do You Really Want To Recruit?

1. Personal Events Or Corporate Events?

Are You Recruiting Someone For Mostly Personal Events Like Weddings Or Someone For Corporate Events Like Meetings And Conferences?

The Perfect Person You Want To Hire And Best Person For The Role Will Depend On The Mix Of Types Of Events That Are Offered Your Venue – This Can Include:

  • Weddings
  • Social Functions – Social Events Like Engagements, Birthdays, Parties, Anniversaries Etc
  • Corporate Events
  • Meetings & Conferences
  • Catering – Offsite?
  • Public Events? – Xmas, Nye, Mothers Day
  • Concerts
  • Other Events?

2. A Sales Role Or Support/Service Role Or Both?

Are They Mostly Selling Events Or are they going to Deliver & Coordinate The Events?

The more events they are DOING – the LESS time they have to perform the Higher Value Role Of SELLING. (and sales go down).

An Events Sales Role – What Does An Event Sales Coordinator Do?

  • Prospecting And Leadgen Via The Web, Word Of Mouth And Local Marketing
  • Generating Leads From Events Database Of Prospects And Past Clients
  • Handling Inbound Event Enquiries
  • Appointments, Inspections, Venue Tours Or Show Rounds
  • Following Up Enquiries
  • Contracts
  • Invoicing & Collections
  • Netowkring and Connections
  • Days Are Typically Tues -Sat

A Service Coordinating Role – What Does An Event Co-Ordinator Do?

  • Organise The Event Details
  • Receiving And Liasing With Organisers
  • Admin – Invoicing & Rostering
  • Attend The Events / Act As Host
  • Staying Til Entrée, Main Or Finish?
  • Setup Events
  • Can be an F & B Waiter or Supervisior
  • Coordinate With Kitchen and Client At Event
  • Supervise Function Staff
  • Days – More Sat And Sun & Pub Hol work Required

3. Any Extra Add-On Responsibilities – Like Marketing Or  Admin & Finance tasks?

  •        Will They Be Doing Marketing, Website Or Social Media?
  •        How Much Invoicing, Accounts, Debt Collection, Banking Etc?
  •        Will They Be Doing Any Purchasing And Ordering?

4. How Much Events Experience Do You Want?

  •                Senior  5 Years +
  •                Normal  2 To 5 Years Or
  •                Junior 0-2 Years?

6. What Is Your Venue Location And Brand?

  •                CBD City
  •                Suburban
  •                Regional

7. What Incentives Or Perks Are On Offer?

  • Sales Bonuses and incentives
  • Free or Subsidised Meals
  • Uniforms
  • Free or Subsidised Carparking
  • Phone/Data
  • Conferences
  • Training and Development
  • Travel?

How To Recruit A Great Function or Event Co-ordinator

Know what you are looking for – Design Your Perfect Job Description

  • Position Descriptions – What They Will Do Including Role And Responsibilities
  • Person Description – Who They Are
  • Choose The Right Name For The Role

A great mantra is “Hire for Attitude & Train For Skills”

Build their Skills, Knowledge, Experience And Relationships Over Time.

ASKER – Your Recruiting Scorecard – Score Each Out Of 10 for a total of 50

  1. Attitude – Motivation
  2. Skills – Sales Skills And People Skills
  3. Knowledge – Industry And Venue Operations
  4. Experience – Practical Experience – Been There Done That
  5. Relationships –  External And Internal – Industry Connections And Venue Team

Learn to Understand People – It’s a great tool when recruiting

The performance & results you get will be determined by their mindset and habits and their skills & experience. This is determined by

  • Their Identity & Image – Self Esteem And Self Worth
  • Their Beliefs – including beliefs about money and their Pricing Confidence
  • Their Values and Character Traits
  • Their Behaviour Profile

There are some people profiling tools and great books that you can use to understand people better.

What Sort Of Attributes are you looking for in your Function & Events team?

  • Accurate Record Keeping And Banking
  • Great Communication and Influencer Skills
  • Likes Learning & Continuous Improvement
  • An Eye For Detail – Attention To Detail & Organised
  • Digital Skills – Great With Computer And Software

You Can Tell A Lot About A Person Just By Looking At:

  • Their Car and how they keep it
  • Their Dog and how they treat it
  • The Words they choose and whether they Listen
  • Their Attire & Grooming – How they present themselves
  • Their Reaction To Rejection and Set Backs – Freeze, Flight or Fight

How to Write a Great Ad when Recruiting that Attracts the right candidates

Mention the Things That Attract The Right Person To Your Role

  • Venue Brand Name and Culture/Values
  • A Great Team
  • Your Location
  • Awards Won
  • Benefits & Pay
  • Training Offered
  • Growth and career opportunities
  • Challenges and Excitement
  • Free Car Parking
  • Nice Uniforms?
  • Phone Or Data

Event Coordinator SAMPLE AD

  • Great Location
  • Established And Reputable Venue
  • Event Coordination
  • Sunday-Thursday Working Week

Our Venue, One Of (Locations)’s Leading Function Venues, Caters For A Wide Variety Of

Events Including Corporate Functions, Breakfasts, Luncheons, Dinner Dances, Cocktail Parties,

Meetings, Wedding Receptions, And Externally Catered Events.

Renowned For High Levels Of Personalised Service Coupled With High Quality Menu’s, (Venue)Has Recently Completed Renovations And Has A Proud Reputation As One Of The Most Elegant Function Centres In Melbourne.

Be Part Of A Young And Dynamic Team In A Growing Venue.

We  Will Provide An Attractive Salary, Free Car Parking And Is Close To Public Transport.

Due To An Internal Promotion, We Are Seeking A Full Time Event Coordinator Whose Responsibilities Would Include But Are Not Limited To:

  • Coordinating Events To Ensure That They Are Completed Efficiently And Professionally, Including
  • Tasks Such As:
  • Establishing Rapport With Guests And Maintaining A High Level Of Service To Clients
  • Meeting With Clients To Discuss And Finalise Event Details
  • Arranging The Hiring Of All Event Equipment And Coordinating External Suppliers On Behalf Of
  • Clients
  • Taking Financial Control Of Events, Ensuring Contracts Are Signed And Managing Deposit And
  • Event Payments
  • Creating Event Sheets For The Functions, Outlining All Details Pertaining To The Event
  • Liaising With The Kitchen & Functions Manager Regarding The Events And Proceedings
  • Carrying Out Sales And Marketing Initiatives Including:
  • Assisting With Building Leonda’s Profile Online Through Social Media Activities
  • Post Event Follow Up With Clients To Obtain Feedback And Offer Assistance For Any Future Events

Completing Event Administration Requirements Including:

  • Keeping Event Records Up To Date
  • Submitting All Relevant Administration And Financial Reports As Required

Experience And Personal Attributes:

  • Extensive Experience In Event Management
  • Exceptional Interpersonal, Written And Verbal Communication Skills
  • Outstanding Organisational, Administration And Time Management Skills
  • Excellent Attention To Detail
  • Team Focused
  • Strong Negotiating And Problem Solving Capabilities
  • High Level Of Personal Presentation
  • Proficient In The Use Of Microsoft Office Programs Including Word, Excel, And Outlook
  • Previous Experience With Events Perfect Software An Advantage

This Is An Excellent Opportunity For An Energetic Hospitality Professional. If You Have Experience

Working In A Similar Environment

Provide your Contact Details

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