3 Tips to Building an Effective Team

It’s clear from visiting successful businesses that some had found and trained quality staff. It turns out that you really get the staff you truly deserve and you get what you put up with. Some run around rabbit owners told me they couldn’t find good staff. I said “there are plenty of good staff out there – they just don’t want to work for you” – ouch!

When I asked some great team members why they worked there – they told me they “liked the way the owner treated them with respect and really appreciated them” their previous boss “treated them disrespectfully – he just screamed at us and yelled when we did things wrong – he never taught us or told us what he wanted”. Do you expect your staff to read your mind?

1: Build a Core Team

Most businesses need to find a core of team of great staff. Start with a plan – know exactly the type of person you want to hire and what tasks they will be doing. Don’t hire dregs! – stop hiring old industry hacks with bad habits that wandered in off the street – recently sacked from the place up the road.

Hire people with a great attitude and spend the time to train your own team members in your own way of doing things. Other group employees transferring from other locations can also be a useful source of staff. Stores that hired friendly and smart front line staff get much better results than businesses using technicians to handle sales enquiries.

2: If In Doubt, Chuck Them Out

And remember to take action fast if they don’t fit your culture “If in DOUBT, Chuck ‘em OUT” (before the 90 day trial). Remember the mantras – “Hire in haste, repent at leisure” and “Just one hour of good recruiting effort is worth hundreds of hours of trouble and strife”. Take the time to make more time.

I have observed that you can’t sack your way to success but you can recruit your way to success.

3: Getting the best from your Team

Do you remember when you were back in school? – Did some of your teachers really cheese you off (you didn’t get good results) and that your favourite teachers inspired you to work harder (and you got better results). In each case – you were the same person – but that their different behaviours and managing styles got wildly different results from you. It’s exactly the same in your business!

Always focus on what you want to ACHIEVE – not what you want to AVOID – and remember what you FOCUS ON expands!

You are what you think about. Think about hiring the best staff you can find, training and treating them better. Treat them with more respect – could your lunchroom or staff toilets do with a makeover? Raise your standards!

STOP telling the staff what to do – STOP micromanaging – STOP being sarcastic and overly critical.

Learn to ask more & better questions and get their buy-in. If you treat your staff like dummies you’ll get dummy behaviour. If you label them with disrespectful names, they’ll act like that. You get what you genuinely expect & what get rewarded gets repeated – so love your team and expect the best from your staff. Use positive appreciative language – say thanks. If you educate your team members and involve them in solving store problems – you’ll get awesome ideas and results.

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