11 Top Tips for Waiters to Make Guests Happier and Get More Tips


Tipping is huge business overseas, but not so big in Australia. You can however make good money and be rewarded for providing great customer service by working out how you can impress your guests and get more tips.

Great service and Great Tips go hand in hand.

Here are ten ideas to get more tips and an extra bonus TIP.


  1. ALWAYS SMILE AND BE FRIENDLY. You are showing the customers your personality, the quality of your service and your attention. You should be able to combine all 3 into a fun personality, great service and a good sense of timing.
  2. INTERACT MORE – Build rapport with customers and make small talk if you have time. If they have a baby, say things like “she’s so cute, how old?” Give them compliments like “I love your coat/shoes etc.” While doing all that remember your attitude – be super friendly & happy.
  3. CHANGE YOUR VIEW OF WAITERS – The next time you go out to eat, try to see yourself from your waiter’s point of view. You can get a clearer perspective on what kind of service you will need to offer to your customers to make them happy. Remember, happy customers give more tips!
  4. OFFER EXTRA SERVICE – Go out of your way for your customer’s needs. Sometimes all you need to show you care is to go that extra step in your service. Giving your customers more than what they expect will help make them feel special.
  5. REASSURE THEM – Customers will usually forgive slow service if you keep smiling and make eye contact. If you’re swamped in the restaurant, personally make sure they will get their food and drinks as soon as possible, but a smile is most important here and will go a long way.
  6. LOOK AROUND – Develop good peripheral vision and always be looking around. Acknowledge your tables as soon as they sit down and be constantly in their field of vision. This will make them feel attended to and cared for.


  1. CLEAR TABLES ASAP. Customers hate to be sitting in front of dirty dishes that are empty and taking up space. Show great service by giving customers a really good experience.
  2. KNOW YOUR PRODUCTS – learn your Menu by heart. Be able to describe the menu and specials in great and vivid detail, enough that they can picture the meal in their heads. This will give customers the impression that you know your stuff and that you have put in effort to make sure they can enjoy their meals. Know the daily specials and ingredients – especially for special diet guests.
  3. USE SIGNAGE AND A TIP JAR – Put up a sign and put out the tips jar near the cash register.
  4. ASK YOUR COWORKERS how to get more tips. Talk to different members of staff because some of them may have been there longer than you and will have better advice to give.
  5. MAKE IT A BIT MORE OBVIOUS – The Bill itself or Billfold may contain a Note about Tipping expectations.