Sales Skills for Function, Wedding & Events Sales Superstars WORKSHOP

Sales Skills for Function, Wedding & Events Sales Superstars WORKSHOP

Wedding Sales - Sales Skills for Function and Event Superstars

This One or Two day workshop is all about developing and polishing your function and event sales skills. You will learn the secrets and tactics of Function & Event Superstars.

Learn how to maintain your energy levels, develop your confidence and master your dealmaking techniques to help you land more function events at higher prices all year round.

Function Sales Staff are the #1 determining factor that attract, convert and maximise venue functions. With the growing number of venues offering Functions & Events – you need to be a function superstar to make the most of your enquiries and your venue’s potential.

 Finding it HARDER TO CONVERT your function & event enquiries ?

  • Tired of being GHOSTED by enquiries that are difficult to contact & followup ?
  • Are you TOO BUSY at work and have too many URGENT things to do ?
  • Sick of function prospects asking for DISCOUNTS and a CHEAPER PRICE ?
  • Is FUNCTION REVENUE DOWN or is your venue function calendar looking EMPTY?

Would you like

  • To get more FUNCTION WORK done in less time?
  • To develop more CONFIDENCE SELLING THE VALUE of your higher priced events?
  • To CONVERT more function enquiries and sell more easily?
  • To feel more IN CONTROL during price & function NEGOTIATIONS?
  • To FILL YOUR CALENDAR with more lucrative functions and events?
  • To attract more REPEAT & REFERRAL business and get more ONLINE REVIEWS?
  • To get better results & ROI with your VENUE MARKETING and promotions?


  • Developing unstoppable CONFIDENCE to sell better at higher prices
  • How to get ORGANISED and get more done in less time and feel really great about it
  • The BEST PRACTICES and secrets of a superstar function salespeople
  • How to develop a winning MINDSET – developing a positive attitude & beliefs
  • Managing your Functions CALENDAR to maximise sales, profit and yield
  • How to FILL YOUR QUIET PERIODS & off-season dates with shift-selling techniques
  • Dealing with ENQUIRY GHOSTING – when and how to FOLLOWUP your prospects
  • Using VENUE PHOTOS and SALES AIDS to get more Functions & Events
  • Creating CONTENT for Social Media to get more enquiries
  • Make more use of MAKING VIDEOS to boost function sales & your expert reputation
  • Discover better ways to FOLLOWUP up enquiries using multiple channels
  • Not focussing on PRICE – Confidently describing all the VALUE of your venue & offer
  • Avoiding the DISCOUNTING trap – Developing more Pricing confidence and integrity
  • Best practices for asking EFFECTIVE QUESTIONS on the phone and in person
  • Latest techniques for selling using EMAIL, CHAT & ONLINE CHANNELS
  • Learn how to overcome common OBJECTIONS and Obstacles to booking an event
  • Improve Your DEALMAKING Skills – Learn Influencing and Negotiation Tactics
  • Learn how to sell to DIFFERENT BUYER TYPES by matching personality styles

This is a highly practical and tactical workshop designed to impart the function & event sales skills designed to make a significant and instant improvement to your sales results.

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Kevin Kosky is a skilled business communications trainer. He is a specialist on inbound phone skills, presentation skills and delivering sales presentations. Kevin is an expert teacher of face-to-face communication skills like sales, supervision and presentation skills.

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  • “The course was fantastic! I left feeling 100% more confident with selling, reading people, and giving quick assertive responses when under pressure”  
  • “Your course made me aware of how important phrasing is, and how it creates a bigger picture for the clients”