Big Hat Clients


Big Hat has had clients and significant experience in the following industries:

  • Hospitality – Venues, Golf Courses, Wineries, Clubs, Pubs & Restaurants
  • Accommodation – Motels, Hotels & Caravan Parks
  • Tourism – Visitor Centres, Tourism Businesses, Tour Operators and Transport
  • End of Life Events – for Cemeteries, Crematoriums & Funeral Directors
  • Green Industries – Turf and lawn Suppliers
  • Self Storage – Units and storage warehouses

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Hospitality Clients

Client Include Venues, Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants, Wineries, Golf Courses, Food Franchises, Motels, Hotels, Caravan Parks, Tourism Associations, Councils & Chamber of Commerce

Here are some of the Current and Past Big Hat  Clients…

Tourism & Accommodation Training Clients

Other Tourism and Hospitality Businesses

  • HMAA now TAA
  • BIG4
  • Panthers Club Group
  • Mackay Tourism
  • Kangaroo Island Tourism
  • NT Tourism

We have also worked with Other Industries

BIG HAT has significant expertise on Inbound Sales Skills and Staff Training for Insurance Brokers, Self Storage, Turf Industry and many others.

Longer Term Big Hat Clients

Kevin’s longer term clients have included Jeanswest, HPM Le Grand and Turf Australia.

Big Hat Professional Services provided business growth training, consulting and coaching expertise to these amazing companies to help them:

  • Get more Leads and Customers
  • Convert more Enquiries into Clients
  • Increase Sales with Addons and Extras
  • Confidence to Ask and Negotiate better Deals
  • Increase Profit margins

ABOUT Kevin Kosky & BIG HAT Training

Big Hat Professional Services provides Hospitality Workshops, Webinars and Training on Sales, Service & Strategy using Experienced Trainers like Kevin.

Kevin Kosky is a skilled business communications trainer. He is a specialist on inbound phone skills, presentation skills and delivering sales presentations. Kevin is an expert teacher of face-to-face communication skills like sales, supervision and presentation skills.

Kevin Kosky Trainer

BIG HAT offers ….

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