How to use your Specials Board to make more sales & profit

Using Your Restaurant Specials Board to Sell Better

Customers love a deal and they love something SPECIAL. Whether you sell food, drinks or accommodation you can use a specials board to focus their attention. In some venues, restaurants and bistros – selections from the specials board make up to 50% of the total sales.

You can make more profit and increase your GP% by encouraging your visitors and guests to buy from a selection of highly profitable special items.

Specials Board

There are many reasons why your customers choose from the specials board including:

Specials Board

  • It’s Easy – A limited selection instead of the main menu
  • It’s Different – for regulars – some people seek variety and something new
  • A Special Effort has been made – Perceived effort from the chef
  • It’s Fresher – Perceived freshness of product
  • It’s great Value – It’s a deal or it’s cheaper

Reasons some businesses use the specials board

  • Clearance and Disposal – Clean out the fridge or any slow moving stock
  • Boost Margins – Got a great deal when buying some distressed stock or product
  • Trial a new Dish – to check if a new item will be popular

You can make more money from your Specials board by promoting highly profitable and highly popular items (NOT just things to get rid of)

  • Use good specials SIGNAGE – well written – chalkboard or texta
  • Improve its DISPLAY – lights or featured, readable, at eye height and easily seen
  • Give it extra FOCUS – promoted by the Waiter or on table tents

Offer specials that are very good, popular and different to the basic menu offering.

Some high margin suggestions include – Soups, Salads, Pastas, Breads, Chicken, Offal, Desserts. or High end steaks and wines.

Great graphics and Photos on the specials board REALLY Sell!

Make it special and make extra special profits!


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