Staff Supervision Skills Workshop – Stepping up to Supervision

The Secrets of Staff Supervision – How to get much better results managing your staff & being a better team leader

Staff Supervision Skills - Stepping Up to Supervision Workshop - Big Hat

Our workshop is ideal for Owners, Managers, Duty managers, Supervisors and New Leaders. You will learn best practice techniques for managing and supervising staff. Further, practice being a confident communicator and motivator with coaching, counselling and crucial conversation techniques.

Discover the benefits of team discipline and a ‘tough love’ culture to also instil a better work ethic. As a result, this one day workshop is highly practical and full of exercises designed to develop your leadership abilities which improves the performance of your hotel. What we’ll cover during the workshop includes:

Leadership and being a Better Leader

  • The Best Habits of Effective Leaders – Secrets of Managing and Motivating People
  • How to Grow More Leaders – Stepping up from buddy to boss
  • Boosting Your Energy and Optimism to Develop Your Confidence and Assertiveness

Teambuilding and Engagement

  • Team Engagement Tools – Using the “Love Languages” to Boost Engagement
  • Re-Engaging Disengaged Staff – Flicking the Attitude Switch from Grumpy to Great
  • Tips for Managing Multi-Generational Teams – Working with Younger and Older Staff

Motivation and Influence

  • Understanding and Motivating Different People – Using Values and DISC Profiling
  • Techniques for Managing and Influencing Your Team Members using DISC Language
  • Stepping up to Effective Supervisor! – Using ‘tough love’ techniques like setting expectations and disciplining

Communication and Coaching Skills

  • How to Have Crucial Staff Conversations and Confrontations with Less Stress
  • Asking More Effective Questions to Avoid “Yep, Yep, Yep” – More asking and less telling
  • Best Practice Coaching Methods – Learning to listen and give great Feedback

Delivering Tough Love

  • “Tough Love” Techniques – Discipline, Expectations and Focus: Following the House Rules
  • Counselling Techniques – Delivering Bad News and Calling People to Account
  • How to Get More “Buy-In” – Getting More Implementation of Ideas and Change

Staff Supervision

In addition we have fun games and exercises. These are designed to boost your confidence as well as further practice your new power phrases and effective questions.

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