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Big Hat provides a range of Services to the Hospitality, Tourism and other Industries.

Business Growth Consulting

Would you like some help to prioritise and clarify your ideas, growth strategy and vision?

It can be tough and lonely at the top – Perhaps you need a new perspective or some help and advice from a professional?

We draw on our 30+ years of experience of successfully running companies to deliver business improvement.

We work with you to develop a business strategy that delivers results and unlocks your potential.

Business Mentoring & Mastermind Groups

Perhaps you need a Business Mentor? – some help or ideas to help your develop your business from someone who has been in the same position and has had lots of business experiences.

Maybe you would like to join a Business Mastermind Group of like minded business people to meet regularly both online and in person?

Online Webinars for Team Training & Multi-Sites

If you are located in a regional area or around Australia, then our Online webinar training may be the perfect solution for you.

Webinars are an affordable and highly effective way of delivering training and group coaching in multiple locations. With webinar technology like, we can be “virtualluy on-site” with an engaging interactive session.

You will get the same great content ideas as our live training program, but divided into smaller regular sessions, rather than one big interactive 2 day workshop.

This training format is proven to increase retention & accountability and ensures better implementation and results.

Book a “1 on 1” Session for a Website Review or Business Consult

  • Would you like some ideas and tips to improve your Website and Webmarketing?
  • Perhaps an hour or 2 to discuss a challenging Business issue?

Hospitality Training Workshops

We offer a range of Hospitality Workshops designed to increase sales and reduce costs.

  • 2020 Public Workshops in Melbourne
  • Grow Your Functions, Events and Weddings Revenue
  • Advanced Sales Skills for Function Sales Superstars
  • Cutting Costs and Buying Better to GROW your bottom Line

Other Training Workshops

  • Stepping Up to Supervision – Leadership & Teambuilding Skills
  • Turning Callers into Customers – Inbound Sales Skills

Conference Speaking & Presentations

See and for more details about David and Kevin’s speaking and keynote presentations. You’ll find topics, resources and testimonials.

ABOUT BIG HAT – David Staughton CSP CCEO

David Staughton Hospitality TrainerBig Hat Professional Services can help you grow your hospitality business and improve your Function  Event & Wedding Sales. David & Kevin can help you!

David Staughton CSP is an award-winning International keynote speaker, and experienced Small Business consultant.  With over 15 years ‘hands on’ experience in the Hospitality industry, he speaks and consults on a wide range of hospitality business improvement in the areas of sales, staffing, service and strategy.

Kevin Kosky is a skilled business communications trainer. He is a specialist on inbound phone skills, presentation skills and delivering sales presentations. Kevin is an expert teacher of face to face communication skills like sales, supervision, and presentation skills.

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