How to Sell more Functions & Weddings – 20 Simplest Event Sales Tips

Grow Your Function, Event & Wedding Sales with these 20 Simple Event Sales Ideas

Here are some simple and easy things you can do to grow your function and events revenue. This blog will help venue owners, event managers and function sales professionals.

Event Sales

1. Improve Your EMAIL SIGNATURES on Your Outgoing Mail

  • Make sure you use an email signature that sells – correct information and useful offers
  • Tell everyone about the different functions you offer & events you have coming up
  • Make sure you are advertising your website, social media connections and upcoming events on ALL your devices – Computers, Tablets and SmartPhones

2. Put More Function SIGNAGE Out Front of the Venue

  • Get a Banner or a sign on the wall out front
  • Examples: Book now for Xmas or Function Room Available

3. Make it Visual – Put up an Event CALENDAR on the Wall

  • Print out the Monthly Calendar on A3 sheets and put each month up on the Office Wall to see what we dates to sell in the next 6-12 months
  • What you FOCUS on expands – you can see the holes in the diary and what needs to be sold urgently

4. Install 4 x A4 Sign Holders on the back of each TOILET DOOR for Function & Event notices

  • You have patrons’ complete attention when they sit on the toilet
  • SO put up a framed sign that shows your function space offerings
  • Add other signs that tell them about upcoming events and functions
  • Try placing 2-4 x A4 Aluminium Frame Sign Holders on each door

5. Get Better PHOTOS & VIDEOS of ALL your types of Events

event photos and function sales at venues, venue managers

  • Your Prospect’s eyes do the buying
  • Show them what they are going to get with great photos of the room, decorations and event themes, food &drinks and people enjoying themselves
  • That’s what prospective clients like to SEE


6. Improve Your FUNCTIONS KIT – Brochure, Menus and Pricing

  • Update the quality of your event pack, brochure and menus
  • Review your pricing and packaging to make it more attractive for every type of function

7. Get more Website DIRECTORY Listings (Free and Low Cost)

8. Leave a Trail of MARKETING COLLATERAL Nearby – Your Business Cards and Venue Flyers

  • Make sure your functions flyers and card can be found all over the local area
  • Try providing DL sized flyers in your own acrylic stands (make it convenient for other businesses to show your promotional materials and offer to cross-promote)
  • Examples include: non-competing businesses such as accommodation, cafes & industry colleagues

9. Set Up a DISPLAY TABLE to Sell more Event Seats and Functions

  • Get one of the team to merchandise the foyer with a display
  • Example: create a great themed event display table or a photography wall for weddings or xmas

10. Design & Use a Phone ENQUIRY SHEET with Effective Questions to Ask

  • Put a stack of phone function enquiry sheets near the phone
  • Include a list of questions to ask clients to enable your team to ask better closing questions

11. Update Your Personal & Business LINKED-IN Profiles

  • Use LinkedIn to connect to local businesses and people you know
  • Search for useful contacts in your region
  • Optimise your profile for venue hiring, special functions, conferences and events
  • Post articles monthly
  • Hit LIKE on other posts relating to functions, venues and event

12. Run a Business Card PRIZE DRAW to Collect More Local Business Cards

If you have a lot of foot traffic to your restaurant or bar and want more function sales. Then collect Business Cards in a bowl by offering a prize draw.

  • Connect with them on LinkedIn
  • Get permission to include them in your database for monthly enewsletters and offers (using Mailchimp, Active Campaign or HubSpot)

13. Ask for Recommendations or TESTIMONIALS from Past Clients and Use them Everywhere

  • Find past clients that love your venue
  • Ask them for a written testimonial
  • Create a video testimonial, use your phone to film them talking
  • Suggest they write an online review on selected websites (Use cards to hand out)

14. Get More ONLINE REVIEWS about your Functions & Events


  • Ask all your guests, patrons and function buyers to WRITE REVIEWS about your events, services and venues using online review sites
  • Hand out business cards or postcards with the review request, instructions and names of best review sites – Google, Facebook, Truelocal or any event venue directory
  • Here is a great List of Websites for Online Reviews:

15. Build More ALLIANCES with Attractions and Accommodation Nearby

  • Go around and visit local businesses that you can co-operate with
  • Introduce yourself and take cards, flyers and gifts!
  • Invite them round for coffee or an event
  • You may choose to refer them and they may reciprocate

16. Go To Event Industry NETWORKING EVENTS

  • Attend industry events to make friends and get more referrals
  • Event buyers attend Chamber of commerce, MEA, AIME, PCOA and local Business Networking Groups

17. Build a VIP Events Patron DATABASE or Create a Birthday CLUB of Guests that may attend your public events

  • Use a host to collect the details of people who attend your events
  • Use SMS or Email – Squawkbox or Impact data or Txtconnect to invite guests to upcoming public events

18. Build Your Online Tribe of FANS & FOLLOWERS on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn etc

  • Post interesting pictures and information
  • Use sponsored posts for your events
  • Interact with your tribe by liking or commenting on their posts
  • Make your tribe feel LOVED


  • Sports and Community Clubs that you sponsor should have off-peak events with you
  • Ask them how you can help

20. Always THANK Every Function Client After the Event

  • Phone and SMS EVERY Function client after the event. Thank them and get feedback!
  • Make a follow up call and ask WHO else? and WHAT else can we do?
  • Send them a thank you card. Send them a customer survey to find out how we can improve.

BONUS TIP – Use Simple Incentives to other members of your venue team involved in finding more function leads & enquiries!



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