How To Get Your Venue Website To Rank Better In Google

2020 SEO Tips to get a Higher Google Ranking for Your Event Venue or Hospitality Website 

Google wants to give users the best possible search and website experience by providing the best quality content.

The BEST websites do more work on their Content and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and get the highest Google rankings.

SEO Google Ranking


  • Event Buyers are searching using different devices – mobile, tablet, laptop – especially using mobile devices
  • Voice Search is increasing –  Prospects are asking longer, more detailed search questions using assistants like Siri and Google Home – make sure you have their questions and answers on your website
  • Your Local Google Maps listing is critical – update your Google My Business Listing, post regularly and get more Google Reviews
  • Aim to get the Google Snippet (Featured spot) – use schema and phrases on your website
  • It’s about the website post-click activity – what do visitors do on your website – attract and keep more traffic
  • Only 4 Google Adwords AD listings are showing above the organic search – If you run Adwords – use Extended listings

SEO tips for Hospitality Websites


  1. IMPROVE YOUR WEBSITE LOAD SPEED – Use faster Website hosting like AWS or Cloudflare, faster lloading Images, a lighter WP template and easy menu design help
  2. MOBILE RESPONSIVENESS & Friendliness – embed more links to other pages and make sure your website looks good and works well on mobile devices
  3. INTERNAL & EXTERNAL LINKS – More Cross Linking across pages in your website. Highlight “Cornerstone Content” pages/blogs.
  4. VIDEOS – use more videos on your website pages to explain the content on the page
  5. FAQs – answer lots of common FAQs on every page
  6. BACKLINKING – links from sites of quality (high DA) – NOT crappy paid links
  7. REGULAR BLOGGING – write quality articles that engage users – comments ON
  8. PAGES UPDATED & REFRESHED regularly – update your best blogs – 20% update every 2 months
  9. PHOTO work – resized, alt text, descriptions – to be found more easily
  10. METATAGS OPTIMISED – descriptions on all pages with Title/Descriptions using keywords so that prospects click on your Google listing
  11. MATCHING KEYWORDS up top and left edge – Header 1 level
  12. FACEBOOK interaction with website (Social Media Posts feeds website visitation)
  13. E-NEWSLETTER promote articles with links back to blog – (Direct feed to website)
  14. ANY SITE ISSUES RESOLVED – Redirects broken pages and links (No 404 page not found) – use SEMRUSH
  15. LOCAL SEO – Upgrade your Google My Business listings (post regularly & get more Reviews too)
  16. Be Found in the MEDIA – Use Stories and links from Quality News Sites give you great backlinks
  17. Reduced BOUNCE RATE – aim for improved readability – use headers &sections for easy scan
  18. ADWORDS ADS – keywords match the landing page displayed (Reduced Bounce rate)
  19. Improved DWELL TIME – use longer pages and pictures (1200-1800 words)
  20. Better Use of SEARCH KEYWORDS PREDICATES e.g. Best, top, leading, award winning
  21. Offer DOWNLOADABLES – use checklists, guides, e-book, videos
  22. More ORIGINAL UNIQUE Content – try Videos, Pictures or Copy – Avoid duplication to avoid penalties
  23. SOCIAL NETWORK CREDIBILITY – Being active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube
  24. QUALITY BACKLINKING – Contextual mentions in News Media, GMB, Directories, & Suppliers



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