Website Checklist for your Wedding Venue

A Guide for Online Marketing of your Wedding Reception Centre – A Wedding Website Checklist

With so many brides and couples doing their wedding research online, it’s CRITICAL to have a GREAT website. But what makes a wedding venue website GREAT? Use this Website Checklist to find out.

Some Engaged Couples will evaluate your Wedding Venue SOLELY on your online presence – your website, social media and/or directory listings. They may NOT even call you or visit your venue if your online first impression is NOT good enough compared to other venues.

Website Checklist

Every “web guy” has an opinion on what makes a GREAT wedding website, which can change rapidly as Google updates the web ranking rules all the time – So here are my thoughts for 2020 on what attracts and converts more wedding prospects ….

What Wedding Buyers REALLY Want

Wedding Buyers want lots of PROOF like testimonials, blogs, photos and videos that demonstrate that you are a Wedding & Events expert and can deliver the awesome event they desire.

They also want a wedding venue website that is visually appealing and EASY to use ( it has ‘low friction’ for users). They also want a great social media presence, but it’s your website that is your HOME on the web.

The Ultimate Wedding Venue Website Checklist

5 Key Areas to improve on your Wedding Venue Website

  1. Basic Technical Website Setup – Quality Hosting, Speed, Few Errors, WordPress, Plugins, Good Security (passwords)
  2. Quality Content Gets More Traffic – Your website needs to look great and have the right info
  3. Good SEO helps Google ranking – your website must rank well and attract  visitors. It should be “sticky” to reduce bounces. 
  4. Convert More Traffic into enquiries – have great CTA (Calls to Action) and offer “contact us for prices”
  5. Helps convert more Enquiries into Events – more proof, pictures, clear focus, benefits, easier to buy


  1. Technical Website Setup Tips – BASIC website Checklist

  • Mobile responsive design – boxes, small screen, fast loading – You get lots of mobile users
  • Any website page Redirects are working – avoid broken links
  • Fast Load Speeds – less than 2 seconds to load
  • Engagement – Page Dwell Time (more engaging content) and Click Thru Rates from Google
  • Reduce Bounce Rates – people leaving the site after a short visit
  • Google Analytics – know your basic visitation stats and most popular pages
  • Facebook pixel tracker installed – to run Facebook ads and custom audiences retargeting
  • Use SEM (Like Adwords) and Use specific landing pages for Adwords or Social Ads
  1. Quality Content Gets More Traffic – CONTENT Website Checklist

  • Target Personas and credible expert “Voice”
  • Long form content 2000 words+ – complete coverage – Topic Silos
  • Logo & Branding – Stylish
  • Menu layout buttons and boxes
  • Testimonials / Reviews / Proof and Video testimonials
  • Sticky buttons? On mobile phone
  • Great Photography – Visuals communicate the message!
  • Regular Blogging attracts visitors
  • See Examples of Best Practice for Websites
  • Great Copywriting and correct spelling
  1. SEO helps Google Ranking & gets More Traffic – SEO Website Checklist
  • Metatags – Tailored Title, Description and Keywords on every page
  • Images Tagged and scaleable
  • Best Keywords for URLs, Title H1 and Meta Tags
  • Specific Keywords – like – Top, Best, Leading, Award winning, Expert
  • Quality Backlinks – Directory Listings, .edu, .org, PR Media Articles
  • Internal Linking and crosslinking – your hyperlinks from words to other pages
  • Featured Snippets – Lists, Tables and Graphs, simple FAQs with pic
  • Bottom of page – sitemap, privacy, copyright
  • Google my Business Reviews on site – 5 Stars (helps SEO) and conversion
  • Schema mark up – to get snippets
  1. Convert More Traffic Into Event Enquiries  – CONVERSION Website Checklist
  • Contact Us and Calls to Action forms – offer Book an appointment or online meeting
  • Use Landing pages (like Unbounce or Clickfunnels)
  • More Proof – Make Your Awards prominent
  • Any PR Media is displayed
  • Use of any Staff Celebrities and Influencers
  • Signature Dishes
  • Virtual Tour – 3D Showcase like Ballara Receptions
  • Gallery / Photos
  • Function Packages on offer
  • Staff Bios and Pics
  • FAQs for Voice Search
  • Live chat and 24/7 Bots – see Drift (Bot-anica on Villa Botanica website)
  1. Convert More Enquiries Into Events – NURTURING Checklist
  • Downloadable Guides and Checklists
  • Join our E-Newsletter
  • Use Facebook Pixel and Remarketing
  • Collect visitor information for Automated Marketing nurturing campaigns using Active Campaign, Hubspot or similar.
  • Use More Videos – explainer videos, Subtitles on Videos (Video search)
  • Social Media ads and posts and user engagement

Things To Avoid On Your Website – What Prevents Website Traffic and Reduces Conversion

  • Slow loading of website and big high res images
  • Use of Sliders as the page header is controversial – slow to load but great visuallly
  • Avoid any Music or Sounds playing when page loads
  • Should you have all your Prices on Website? – probably NOT, let prospects contact you
  • Should you use a Verification on contacts form? (like Are you a robot) – Probably NOT
  • Missing MetaTags and Image Tags or using the same one throughout website

Beyond the Website Checklist – Other Great Ideas To Improve Your Website Traffic & Conversion

  • Use SMS live chat – PODIUM for managing live chat on the website and other channels 
  • Aim to get the summary “Snippet” that appears at the top of the search
  • Aim to answer the Voice Search Questions that get used for PAA “People also ask”
  • Post and get Google reviews on Google My Business Listing
  • Use Animated Videos to explain your offer
  • Upload more tailored Videos and Photos that are tagged for people using Image Search and Youtube searches,

 WEBMARKETING GLOSSARY – Learn to Speak like a ‘Web Guy’

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimisation
  • SEM – Search Engine Marketing
  • CTR – Click Through Rates
  • GMB – Google My Business
  • CTA – Call to Action
  • PPC – Pay Per Click
  • PAA – People Also Ask – The questions on Google Search under “People Also Ask”.
  • PPA – Pay per Acquisition
  • IDK – I Don’t Know
  • FAQ – Frequently Ask
  • URL – Unique Resource Location
  • H1, H2, H3, H4 – The Headers in your Blog
  • Snippet – “a description of or an excerpt from the webpage” shown in Google Search
  • Voice Search Questions – questions people ask using Voice via an assistant like Siri or Alexa.

Examples Of some Great Wedding Venue Websites In Australia

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