How to Build a Function & Event Venue Team – 6 Key Roles

SIX DIFFERENT ROLES in a great Venue Function & Events Team

  • Would you like to make more Event & Function Sales?
  • Need to work out the Roles in your event team and who does what?
  • How you got the Right type of Person in the Right Role in your Events Team?

Many venues struggle with having one or two overly BUSY event & function sales people that need to co-ordinate, run and deliver the events. Sometimes this is all in just ONE Role.

Clearly, when they get busy DOING the events, the SELLING & enquiry follow-up tends to suffer, enquiry conversions drop and sales opportunities are missed.

This is VERY Costly.

The most effective solution is to separate the function delivery roles and hire MORE dedicated function sales people.

Typically if you hire a good function sales person (just does sales) you could expect to add 15 to 20 times their salary in additional event income.

If you hire a good combined sales & event co-ordinator you could expect to add 8 to 10 times their salary in additional event income

Roles in a Function Team

SIX different roles can be defined in the Function & Event Venue sales & marketing team.

If you only have just one or two people doing ALL these roles then you will need to have to have very good time management and support.

The Sales Role (#2) is critical to getting great revenue results.

1.Function Co-ordinator or Event Co-ordinator Role  

  • Salary $$
  • This person performs the client liaison and event organising
  • Liaises with the booked client to organise function details and ensure a smoothly run event
  • Ideally is great at relationship building, delivering a great experience and getting referrals
  • Ideal Type of person – Detailed, organised, calm, a problem solver


2.Function Sales Co-ordinator or Event Sales Co-ordinator Role 

  • Salary $$$
  • This person sells the corporate or personal functions & events
  • Excels at handling inbound sales enquiries – converting prospect to clients
  • Skills – People Skills, Influence, uses sales aids, dealmaking and negotiation
  • Handles enquiries on Phone, text, email and walk ins tours
  • Needs effort on detail, focus, follow up and date holes and diary audit
  • Needs to be good on following up and converting enquiries into events
  • Ideal Type of person – Influencer, persuasive, energetic, bubbly & friendly


3.Functions Manager or Event Supervisor  

  • Salary $$$
  • This person runs the event and supervises the event team
  • Good at Prioritising with a sense of urgency and results focussed
  • A focussed Effort on customer excellence
  • Knowledgeable, Positive Growth Mindset and Attention to Detail
  • Ideal Type of Person – A Leadership role with skills in team building, coaching, Customer service recovery, decision making and handling crisis


4. Venue Business Development Manager (BDM) 

  • Salary $$$
  • This person is responsible for outbound sales efforts – reaching out to prospects
  • Prospecting networking following up &  hunting & winning new clients
  • Does Events, shows, connections, referrals, business intelligence
  • Works the Database and prospect list
  • Needs effort on process, qualifying and follow up systems
  • Can build relationships with existing clients to get more business
  • Can generate referrals and repeat business
  • Represent the venue at networking events
  • Organise venue hosted sponsorship events
  • Ideal Type of person – Competitive, determined, innovative, hungry, connected


5. Venue Admin & financial person 

  • Salary $
  • This person runs the admin and financial side of the Events Department
  • This back office role can include Rostering, pay , budgeting, forecasting and invoicing
  • Purchasing and Procurement
  • Needs Effort on debtor management and auditing and people skills
  • Ideal Type of Person – Detailed accurate precise planned organised


6. Venue Marketing Co-ordinator Role

  • Salary $$
  • This marketing role requires skills in Webmarketing & Social media
  • Coordinate Advertising, Local Marketing,  Website,  Database & Social media
  • Ideally good at Analytics and Planning ahead
  • Ideally has skills using Web tools, Graphics and Copywriting
  • Able to create Marketing Campaigns to maximise yield in quiet times
  • Ideal Type of Person – Creative, Visual & Process / Organised


As you can see there are many different roles and different types of people who are ideal for each role.


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