How to Differentiate your Venue – Think Benefits NOT Features!

Promoting your BENEFITS & ADVANTAGES using your VENUE – the Ultimate List of Venue FEATURES

In a Crowded Marketplace you need to FIND what makes your venue truly unique, special and different and promote it widely to all your prospects during the sales process. Otherwise your venue is NOT different, it’s just a commodity without any redeeming features and ends up competing mostly on price.

Venue Features

Every venue has a range of special features that help differentiate it from competitors. Your role is to find, know and promote the relevant features and turn them into clear advantages and benefits.

You can use the “FAB Technique” to turn your Venue FEATURES into ADVANTAGES & BENEFITS. You want to sell the SIZZLE not the SAUSAGE to promote the benefits that differentiate you from your competitors.

  • STEP 1 – Brainstorm with your team to Identify ALL your Venue Features and the BEST ones.
  • STEP 2 – Identify HOW each Feature is an Advantage or Benefit to your prospect or repeat client.
  • STEP 3 – Explain the REAL Benefit to your prospects – using “Which means”, “that means” or “because”.

For example here are some phrases clearly explaining venue benefits

  • “We have Refrigerated Airconditioning which means your guests will keep really cool on those humid days” (unlike our competitor who has cheap evaporated cooling)
  • “We have a function room with NO Posts or Pillars which means you and your guests will enjoy uninterrupted views of bay” (unlike our competitor that has a room with many pillars)

Also remember that a feature is only a BENEFIT if it meets that Prospect’s NEEDS. For example having an onsite chapel may NOT be a benefit to a couple getting married in a church however it will be a BIG benefit for a couple wanting to get married on site.

So make sure you talk about BENEFITS when describing or showing prospects around your venue.

Promote Your Benefits – NOT Just ALL your Features – A Story with a Sad Ending for the Venue.

Many years ago we were looking to book a conference. so we had a inspection tour around a very nice venue. The tour was being escorted by a pleasant Function Co-ordinator.

I was truly amazed as she went on and on pointing out the bleeding OBVIOUS – every single feature of the venue. “there is a window, that’s an airconditioner, thats a tree, here is the stage”.

At no point did she ask ANY QUESTIONS to find out what our needs were and explain the specific and relevant BENEFITS of what she had to Offer. –  SADLY NO SALE MADE BY THAT PERSON.

Remember – Don’t tell them everything you know, tell them what they want to know & need to know. Most people struggle to remember more than 3 KEY things about your venue.


You and you team need to turn these Venue FEATURES into ADVANTAGES & BENEFITS!

  • “We have (FEATURE) which means you can … (BENEFIT)”
  • “We have (FEATURE) so that you can … (BENEFIT)”
  • “We have (FEATURE) because… (BENEFIT)”


  • Your Location,
  • Your Theme and Decor
  • Restrooms nearby
  • Handicap Toilets and Access
  • Windows – natural light
  • Views – garden? seas? Mountain? City?
  • Soundproofing – Band limitations
  • Ability to darken Room
  • Multiple breakout rooms
  • Moveable Walls
  • Courtyard or Gardens nearby
  • Feature Flooring
  • Dance floor- central?
  • Tall Ceilings
  • Special Tables or chairs
  • Pillars or open – segmented room
  • nearby Carparking
  • Smoking area or balcony
  • Open Kitchen feature
  • Refrigerated Airconditioning


  • Beer on tap / Craft Beer / Microbrewery
  • Special Beers available
  • Local Food & Wine
  • Imported Wine Menu
  • Wine Matching
  • Wine presentation
  • Well stocked cellar
  • Licensed til Xam
  • Late licence Xpm
  • In wine room – Racks
  • Awards for Bar Cocktail


  • Inhouse Production Team
  • Bump in/Bump out
  • Green Room
  • Ticketing Company – can buy tickets
  • Live Music Venue
  • Tribal Following online – huge database


  • Architecturally Designed
  • Backup Power Supply (Genset)
  • Celebrity chef
  • Cellar – wine, sommeliers, cellar Door
  • Concierge
  • Courtyard
  • Curtains
  • Deck – covered, dancefloor
  • Fairy Lit trees
  • Feature Bar
  • Feature Gardens / Rockery
  • Gardens – photo
  • Good Signage – Easy to find
  • Good Space, private
  • Heaters Outside
  • Intimate Space
  • Kids Welcome
  • Outdoor dining
  • Pet Friendly
  • Pokies onsite
  • Pre-drinks area
  • Private Amenities – self contained
  • Restaurant onsite
  • Rooftop smoking
  • Secret Location
  • Smoking Areas
  • Spacious rooms
  • Split rooms
  • Staircase
  • Umbrellas
  • Undercover Entrance
  • Walkways


  • Exclusive Use
  • Wifi access
  • Soundproofing – heavy doors
  • Airconditioning
  • 3 Phase Power supply
  • Backup generator power
  • Security systems / control
  • CCV Cameras
  • Access for vehicle into room (drive off)
  • Award winning
  • Cantilever Balcony


  • Tiled / Parquet Floor /Carpet
  • Historic Artefacts
  • Feature Lighting
  • Log fire fireplace
  • Mirrors
  • Long Tables
  • Openable windows
  • Separate Bar
  • Rustic
  • Chandeliers
  • Elegant Décor
  • Various Layouts
  • Lighting
  • Flowers
  • Natural Lighting
  • Wheelchair Access


  • Waterfront / Riverside
  • Beach views / nearby
  • Vineyard
  • Historical building / precinct
  • Winery Restaurant
  • CBD
  • Marquees available


  • Seasonal Fresh Cuisine
  • Platters / Food Carts
  • Modern Australian
  • Menu Tastings Available
  • Traditional
  • Shared Menus
  • Casual Style Event
  • Cocktail Style & BBQ Buffet / Smorgasbord / Feast Menu
  • Feast – choose animal, rotisserie
  • Feasting Banquet Table
  • Dessert Buffet or Cart
  • Coffee – Barista
  • Special Diets catered for
  • Gluten Free
  • Open Plan Kitchen
  • Personalied Menu
  • 3/3/3 Choice on night – 3 Entrée, 3 Main & 3 Dessert
  • 50/50 – alternate drop
  • Food stations
  • Lolly Bar


  • Dancefloor
  • Live Music
  • Band / DJ / Speakers
  • Trivia Nights
  • SUMO wrestling
  • Beer Pong
  • Pool Tables
  • Photo Booth
  • Pre & Post Parties


  • Personalised Quotes and menus
  • Site Visits
  • Curation of Event
  • Min Spend $$$
  • Split Bills
  • Pay by Credit card / Diners/ Bartercard / Zipmoney / Afterpay ?


  • Taxi Rank
  • Public Transport
  • Bus Drop off/Pickup
  • Access Building/Lighting – laneway
  • Short walk from…
  • Undercover parking
  • Bus to Town
  • Validated/carpark sheet
  • Carparking
  • Loading Zone


  • Big Free Carpark Nearby
  • Accommodation nearby
  • Entertainment nearby
  • Churches nearby
  • Feature gardens
  • Great Photo backdrops nearby
  • After party locations


  • AV Supplier
  • Audio Systems
  • Bespoke/custom events
  • Record Player, vinyl collection
  • Lanterns,
  • Projector, Screen, Mike


  • Surprise Weddings
  • Footy Clubs AFL
  • Tennis Events
  • Car Launch
  • Fashion Parades

You probably found that your venue has MANY great features & benefits that could be promoted widely – on your website, in your marketing brochures, during phone and email enquiries and especially during the site inspection, venue tour or “show round” (in UK).

If you have any more great ideas for VENUE FEATURES – Send me an Email!

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