Design Your Function Pack or Event Kit to Sell More – A Checklist

How to create an awesome Venue Event Kit or Function Pack

  • Do you need to update your Function Pack or Event Kit?
  • What to create better venue collateral that helps convert enquiries?
  • Need a checklist of things to include in your Venue Information Kit?

Most buyers looking for an event will either visit your website or enquire directly. They will usually want something tangible to download or takeaway like an Information Pack or Event Kit.

Event Kit for venue

One of the easiest ways to make more event sales is to improve your Function Pack or Event Kit. It is your silent salesperson helping you sell more events when you are NOT there. You can send the kit out via email, hand out a printed copy or offer them for DOWNLOAD from your website.

Your Event Kit should contain useful information to help them make decisions about booking your venue for a Function, Event or Wedding.

You can have different event kits – either Event Categories – Personal Events or Corporate Events – Or you may have a separate Event Kits for each event type – example Weddings, Conferences or Wakes.  You just have to keep them ALL updated!

The advantage of having a downloadable KIT on the website is that prospects can find all the information anytime they want – 24/7.

The downside is that you may NOT want to give all your information away or put all your prices in the kit. prospects may just take the kit and may NOT contact you at all.

Things your Event Kit or Function Pack can contain include:

  1. Clear Venue Name, Address, Phone, Email, Website (Call To Action) on every page – maybe links to your Social Media too?
  2. An Intro Letter (Thanks) Name & Pic Of Function Coordinator (personalise the kit)
  3. Venue Photos in colour – Room & People Pics – clear & reasonable resolution
  4. Our CUSTOMER Philosophy – Cust Service Pledge, values statement or an assurance
  5. Named Spaces & Room Sizes Space – A Venue or Room Layout Plan can help
  6. Event Types list – Birthday, Christening, Engagement, Hens, Family, Celebration
  7. Features and Benefits Listed
  8. Great Food Photos and Pics of Cocktails / beverages / bar and staff
  9. The Menu Structure – Food Offering – Types – BBQ, Platters, Plated, Shared, Alt Drop
  10. Optional Extras – Dj, Flowers, Decorations Etc Etc
  11. AV Equipment & Entertainment – Offered Or Provided
  12. Client Testimonials – What our clients say
  13. Provide the Food Info Before Beverage info & Prices
  14. Prices – (Per Platter OK) AFTER you have shown the Value of your offering (not 1st)
  15. Terms & Conditions List (Near the back In Friendly Words – Not First page or a Separate Doc)
  16. Signed Offer & Agreement

Biggest Mistakes Made with Venue Event Packs

  • The pack looks amateurish in design (Avoid the Clipart please)
  • The Filename of the kit is NOT recognisable kit (esgssxxdscssh.pdf) or has an old date e.g. Venue wedding kit 2016 – they will download many kits and a badly named kit will get lost
  • The Kit has few or bad looking photos
  • Key information is Missing
  • Errors of Spelling, Layout, Format and Pricing errors (Check it a lot and get others to check it thoroughly)
  • It’s a HUGE file (7MB plus) or Word Doc that may get bounced  – Kits should be sent as a pdf (Small sized file) 

Tips for an Awesome Event Kit or Pack

  1. Use a Professional Designer Pays Off (you can charge more!) – follow a Style Guide or use or
  2. Professional Photography – let your images tell your story – they will buy with their eyes.
  3. Give Enough information but not too much (Can use links if it is a pdf)
  4. It contains up to date CURRENT Information
  5. Use Emotionally Descriptive Words when describing Food & Drinks

Good Examples of Venue Information packs for different types of events – How to find them

Here are some links to more interesting and well designed Events Kits & Packs PDFs we have found

You can find MANY other Venue information packs online by searching on Google

  • Different venues call their information by different Names e.g. Packages, Kits and Packs like Wedding kit, Conference Kit, Events Kit, Venue Kit, Functions Pack, Function Kit, Event guide, Brochure or Menus
  • BIG TIP – Just add :pdf to the search to find the pdf files. (that is a semicolon and pdf) e.g. search Google for “wedding package :pdf” and you can find many kits in your region

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