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“It’s lonely at the top…”

You need support – You need a Mentor!

As a Business Owner, CEO or Manager  you face more pressures than ever. In today’s disrupting business world, it can take decades of solid work to reach the top, but it only takes one bad decision to lose it all.

The truth is that you often don’t have an equal in your own company who you can talk to in time of need. So where can you turn for some sage advice and counsel?

You need a Business Mentor that is also an Experienced Advisor

Hiring a business mentor is the next step in your personal and professional growth. Can you imagine an Olympic athlete without any support systems?

The role of a  business mentor is to help you maximise your performance and to bring out the best in you. Your mentor is your close personal advisor and provides you with guidance, support and encouragement.

How can a Business Mentor help you?

  • Provide a safe environment to explore new ideas
  • Act as your sounding board when you make decisions
  • Clarify and Stress-test your plans
  • Hold your Accountable to your commitments
  • Be your support and encouragement when times are tough
  • Help you increase your productivity and get more done than on your own
  • Giving you advice, solutions and tools to help you achieve more
  • Consult on Ideas for Business Development & Growth




“As a Managing Director it is often lonely at the top and I have found David to be a wonderful sounding board, with whom I have been able to discuss any topic and receive an honest, sincere and astute answer.
Past Owner & M.D of Goldcross Cycles  (Now M.D. of Oceania Bicycles)

“Unlike some business coaches that are merely trained employees David has owned and run several highly successful businesses. He knows people, marketing and business from hard-won experience. David’s advice has always been relevant, easy to follow and direct to the issue. David sees the big picture.”

“David knows business from the perspective of someone who’s been there and done it. He’s put in the work, made mistakes, learned lessons and has emerged the winner of his field for years in a row. I hang on his every word and it’s sure paid dividends.”

Ross Wilmoth, past-Owner, Merrimu Receptions

“I have never met someone as entertaining as Big Dave. I saw him presenting a few conferences to different crowds. What a spectacular experience it was. I’m very lucky to have met him in Australia and also to have him as my Mentor.
Advertising Photographer – Mauro Risch Photography

ABOUT BIG HAT – David Staughton CSP CCEO

David Staughton Hospitality TrainerBig Hat Professional Services can help you grow your hospitality business and improve your Function  Event & Wedding Sales. David & Kevin can help you!

David Staughton CSP is an award-winning International keynote speaker, and experienced Small Business consultant.  With over 15 years ‘hands on’ experience in the Hospitality industry, he speaks and consults on a wide range of hospitality business improvement in the areas of sales, staffing, service and strategy.


Kevin Kosky is a skilled business communications trainer. He is a specialist on inbound phone skills, presentation skills and delivering sales presentations. Kevin is an expert teacher of face to face communication skills like sales, supervision, and presentation skills.

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