• Tired of book-wise motivational speakers who don’t deliver?
  • Had enough of training that doesn’t get results?
  • Are you looking for a guaranteed ROI on your training?

You are about to participate in the most innovative training experience in the world.

We are not your typical motivational speakers. We have built and ran companies from scratch, survived near-bankruptcy, managed thousands of employees and generated millions of dollars in profit and we have survived to tell the tale.

Whatever you are going through, we have been there.

Our training is not just a date in your calendar, but the starting point of drastic improvement in your business. As businessmen ourselves definite results and ROI are our number-one priority. No theory. No fluff. Just practical real-world business strategies that get results.

How We Can Help You:

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Build a stronger teamwork
  • Improve your sales performance
  • Market your professional services
  • And sell more during quiet times

Our most in-demand program is Off-Peak Sales, designed to help you break sales records in quiet times and off-season. This is a must-attend for service providers and anyone in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Why Choose Us? Because We Are You-Focused!

Our training works because it is custom-fitted to you. It is all about your market, your unique needs, your challenges and your goals. We seek to understand about your business and tailor our services to your unique industry and sales situation. The result is the maximum return possible on your investment.

Our Training Sticks

We make training an on-going process and not a one-time event. We deliver change that lasts. Through our training methods, we ensure that the knowledge gained is internalised and over time adopted as the norm.

We Have Experience and Lots of It!

We are experienced businessmen; our training comes from real-life experience and is proven to work. We know you need ROI from your training investment, and our process ensures that you get results.